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Use of DVR in Retail
Interviewing numerous retail stores and outlets from clothing to collectibles to music to antiques to restaurants, we’ve found express interest in the Eagle 1 Surveillance system. Store owners say they would feel more secure, especially in today’s heightened security climate, with a cost-effective, remote security system that can be monitored from any location globally.

The majority admitted they had thought about the prospect of such a system, but thought that it would be out of their price range and budget. To their surprise, they found the Eagle 1 Surveillance system to be far cheaper than traditional video and when they heard of the outstanding capabilities and features, they were almost overwhelmed and could clearly see the tremendous benefits they can now receive from an installation that only takes a couple of hours.

Owners also said they liked the fact the surveillance could be backed up from more than one location and the system’s ease of use. An owner of a liquor sales store said, “I don’t see how I could’ve done without this!”

DVR in the Home
Home owners and apartment renters alike said that a remote system they could actually use from anywhere would be an invaluable asset and would give them added peace of mind.

Some interviewees said they had elderly to care for, while others said it would be a great tool for security of their children when they came home from school and parents are still at work, while others noted the system would be great to keep an eye on pets while they’re away.

They were very impressed with the auto-detection feature that would automatically activate the camera from motion and relay an alarm to their beeper, cell phone or telephone.

DVR, here to stay?
Digital video recording is becoming the industry standard. With DVR, gone are the days of swapping out video cassettes, cleaning VCR heads, video tape worries, and black and white grainy pictures.

DVR records and plays back in crystal color and picture quality will not decompose over time. The system is highly reliable and will operate efficiently for years to come